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Acclaimed filmmaker and cinematographer Shane Duckworth has been in the film industry for 18 years with his award-winning work on feature-length films, television shows, documentaries, music videos and more. His passion for cinema was first sparked when he attended the College of Santa Fe to study film production, launching him on an incredible journey that has seen him nominated for an Emmy for cinematography and build an impressive body of work over the years.


Shane began his career as a camera PA before moving into more senior roles in the industry and today his expertise is sought after by clients looking to bring their creative projects to life with stunning visuals that make them stand apart from the crowd. He believes strongly in collaboration between all departments in order to achieve successful projects, embraces new technologies to push the boundaries of cinematography further and continuously strives to create exciting visuals for each client he works with.


From feature films shot on 35mm cameras to music videos captured on 16mm and digital format, Shane Duckworth has established himself as one of the foremost filmmakers in the business today thanks to his skill behind the lens and commitment to delivering outstanding results on every project. The accomplishments of this acclaimed filmmaker and cinematographer are testament both to his talent but also his dedication over many years spent perfecting and improving his craft.

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